How are you able to offer such quality beds for so much less than other retailers?

Undoubtedly the concept of buying goods directly from the factory results in massive savings. The savings are derived firstly (and obviously) by bypassing retail margins. The factory direct concept also saves extra rent, insurance, sales peoples wages, freight (from the factory to the shop) retail profit margins, phone lines, electricity and so on. These one off costs are not duplicated by a factory retail shop, so you don't pay them twice!

The Bed Barn helps you save on new beds by buying factory direct. The Bed Barn is one of many Factory Directs throughout New Zealand that buy raw materials together. Through joint purchases they have buying power way beyond what is achievable in stand alone operations. The group also own their own separate Importing company, Wholesale Bed Supplies Limited. This company also ultimately contributes to savings for the customer as well.

In addition to savings, two other distinct advantages arise. One is quality of materials and construction. The other is the "knowledge" the staff can relay to help customers know that they are buying so that they can make a wise decision on the purchase of a new bed.

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